The feminist tech school & network

Code Excursion is for life long learners seeking community & accountability

Non Profit created by women for women*

Founded 5 years ago, Code Excursion association has already inspired hundreds of women* to change careers & given them the tools & guidance to break into the tech industry.

Lowering the hurdles of digitisation

Learn programming when & where you want. We teach in English & Swiss German. Our weekly commitment is 5 hours a week. Studying on Saturday mornings don’t suit you? Learn on any other day of the week and get feedback from our coaches via our slack channel. We offer scholarships for students aligned with our mission to make tech accessible to all.

Learning about tech together

Code Excursion is about learning new things with a supportive and fun community. You will be guided through the course y expert lead coaches there to inspire you in your career journey. Besides our courses, we regularly offer workshops, talks and events for our alumnae community.

Our offers

For women*

Be part of a group of motivated women* who want to make a career change by learning how to build websites together. Enjoy being coached by experienced women in tech in a safe judgement-free space.

For companies

Would you like to organize a customized workshop for your co-workers, community or team building to improve their understanding of tech?

For everybody

We are always open to taking on new projects. Need a new website, have a community event, looking for female public speakers for your next tech ted talk, wish for a specific course or want to help out?

“As a total noob to the coding world, Code Excursion was the perfect opportunity to get to know the basics of web development in a friendly environment. I really enjoyed diving into this exciting field and getting to know a bunch of different and interesting women. I’ll definitely miss the vibe of our Saturday mornings together.”

Lucy meyer, Product Marketing, CX Design & Project Management

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