Part-time Frontend Course

Jumpstart your career in tech with our flexible coding course for beginners

12 week Zurich Coding Cohort every Saturday @Stripped Pizza

Learn the basics

You will learn how to build responsive websites with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. You will learn about the terminal, GitHub, Visual Studio Code & Netlify. Every week we have an themed talk or activity for extra learning about AI, new fields of study, career advice, innovation, climate tech, & even yoga for work life balance!

Learning by doing

Every month you will get a bundle with course material including video lectures, readings, a project brief and best practices. Our coaches will be there every week to guide you through your challenges & answer your questions!

Community Support

The course is in person for extra accountability & networking. Can’t join in person? The content is based online so you can follow it whenever you have time and get in touch anytime through our slack channel. Once you have one through the course you are a member for life of our Slack community & Code Excursion Network (special discounts, event invitations, job postings..)

What we offer


In-person support by experienced coaches


Code reviews


Community meet-ups at a cosy coffee place


Extra practices


Help in Slack


Online platform with recorded lectures


The course is in English but we talk German or Swiss-German

Input talks about topics like Design, Git and others


Creative toolkit

Endless coffee or tea


Focus on learning & having fun

What you will learn

✔ How to structure content on webpages using HTML

✔ ️How to style webpages using CSS

✔ How to build responsive webpages for mobile, tablet and desktop

✔ How to add forms to your web pages and what a request is

✔ The basics of how to add a menu toggle with JavaScript

✔ ️Development tools such as Github, VS Code, Netlify, the terminal and more

What you will learn

Build 1 project over 4 weeks

A coach will then review this.

Monthly course bundle

Every month you will get a bundle with new course material to build creative web projects.

Support from our online community

Join our community of women* that are learning how to code.

Weekly knowledge sharing

Meet weekly to share knowledge, demo your projects and code together.

Detailed Course Content

Week 1-4: HTML

Project 1: Your first website

To start your new programming hobby, you need a portfolio to gather all your projects. Let’s build one together.

What you will learn

  • How to structure your very first web project.
  • Master tools and software for web development.
  • Learn the basics of HTML – the foundation of all web pages.
  • Get started with CSS to style your webpage’s colours and more.
  • Learn how to build multi-page websites.
  • How to publish your first webpage on the web.

Week 5-8: CSS

Project 2: Layouts and mobile-friendly websites

In this project, you will practice how to place elements on a page and learn what it takes to control the layout for mobile, tablet and desktop. Making image grids, card layouts, navigations and more will no longer be a mystery to you. Cool, right?

What you will learn

  • The fundamentals of webpage layouts using the box model.
  • Create the most common website layouts using Flexbox.
  • Make mobile-friendly sites with responsive design.

Week 9-12: Requests and forms

Project 3: Creating forms

In this project, we will dig deeper into forms, how to style them and how data is sent between web pages and services.

What you will learn

  • The technology behind sign up, sign in and contact forms.
  • How to use forms in HTML.  
  • The basics of how to send data using HTTP requests.
  • How to style forms and make them fit your site.  
  • How to approach and get started with this project.


  • Meet up with the community at Stripped Pizza in Zurich if you would like to discuss your questions in person
  • Each Saturday
  • 09:00am until 11.30am

“I loved being part of Code Excursion in St. Gallen these past months. It’s a great community of women who motivate me to start learning to code, helped me with any problems along the way and made my Saturday mornings full of interesting conversations, self-development and of course great coffee. I can totally recommend it to anyone wanting to start coding while enjoying great company with other inspiring women!.”

— Muriel, Book author and Online Experience Manager at Swisscom